New year, new partnerships, new team members!

When we closed Q4 on December 31, 2019, we were filled with excitement for what the new year had in store. With many new mandates & partnerships on the horizon, we had to reassess our internal structure and find new experts to add to our roster of content masters. Finding individuals that live and breathe social media, and that are ready to take on new challenges that will revolutionize the digital space was a crucial element to our hiring process. Surely enough, after doing quite a bit of digging, we found the perfect jewel for each new role. Without further due, here are the latest additions to the #IMTeam!

Roxane Bailey

We’re thrilled to have Roxane join our team and work her magic on various accounts as our new Social Media Coordinator! Having two Computer Scientists as parents, Roxane grew up surrounded by technology and adapting to its constant evolution became a natural part of her life. So it was no surprise that she decided to study Marketing at JMSB with the hopes of spending her entire career unravelling the mysteries of social media.

With a passion for all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle, she gained experience in corporate, agency, and media settings allowing her to work in a multitude of industries. Having also studied in Professional Theatre she knows how to captivate an audience’s attention whether it’d be online or off. Just leave it to her to share your brand’s story in the most compelling, dare we say charming, of ways.

Lisa Yang

Lisa’s work is guided by bold colours, rich textures, movement and most importantly, a strong sense of playfulness. She loves to find humour in mundane objects which is evident in her still life photography. Lisa’s background is in arts and communication studies. Now focusing mainly on photography, prop styling and creative direction, her wide array of experiences gives her a multi-disciplinary approach to her work.

When she’s not stacking props in the studio, you can find her stacking some sort of object wherever she goes. Or pspspspspsing at a cat. On that note, we are beyond excited to welcome her as our new Art Director!

Gabrielle O’Reilly

We are happy to announce the hiring of our new Community Manager, Gabrielle! Gabrielle is currently working toward a degree in Event Planning at College LaSalle and has years of background in fashion business, marketing and event planning. Gabrielle prides herself on her eye for visual aesthetics and her strong interpersonal skills. She has a passion for fashion, health and wellness and the ever-evolving world of social media. 

When she’s not working or in class, Gabrielle can be found cozied up with her dog, eating popcorn and watching the latest binge-worthy Netflix series.

Ann Phan

Ann has a Fashion Marketing degree from Cégep Marie-Victorin and absolutely loves everything creative. She lives to enjoy the little moments and can find inspiration in anything. Being a great listener, she is definitely one to remember all the details and make you feel extra special, and when she is not working on influencers projects, you can find her swimming through life and oceans, where she belongs. A true water baby. 

Join us in wishing them a warm welcome to the family as they start this new chapter of 2020 along with us. Let’s make it happen!