We engage with audiences by combining powerful content & massive reach to influence their cravings.

We are a full-service Influencer Marketing & Content Creation agency.


Influencer Campaigns

We specialize in executing turn-key campaigns with a curated selection of influencers to ensure that your brand’s message reaches a global audience.

Content Creation

We have a full content production capacity with a skilled art direction and content creation team in house as well as direct access to influencers and content creators to create UGC all across Canada and USA.

Social Media

Manage and execute content strategy across all social media and digital channels.

& Identity

Giving a distinct personality to the brand, one that is synchronized with its target.





Inspiration, creativity, entrepreneurship

Last week, IMAGEMOTION experienced the most forward-thinking business event in the world that is C2 Montreal, and immersed itself in ...

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You Babe.

To kick off 2019 the right way, #teamIM took on the mandate to create an integrated content campaign set to ...

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Third Party Measurement of Influencer Marketing

    Somewhere in the landslide of social media influencers, we’ve disconnected with the true purpose and benefit of an ...

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Sophia: World #1 Brand Strategist

    When the majority of people hear “AI”, they automatically think of Sophia the eerily human-like robot. She propelled ...

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Fuel the Movement

  Responsibilities on Social Media With a great following on social media comes great responsibility. In today’s increasingly connected world, ...

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The End of the Influencer Era?

  It’s no secret that this past year has been the year of the Influencer. An estimated 21.7 million posts ...

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SEO is Dead: The Importance of Content Marketing

  “SEO is dead. Google doesn’t care about your optimized blog post, and Amazon isn’t fooled by your search ranking ...

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Top 5 digital marketing trends for small businesses in 2018

  It’s officially the beginning of 2018, and you know what that means: a new calendar, new resolutions (that you ...

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