A Content-Driven Brand Transformation

It’s no surprise that eco-conscious fashion brands have recently seen a spike in their popularity. Green is the new black and companies must adapt to consumers’ shift in values in order to stay afloat. This is a concept that our new partner quickly grasped as they made their way into the hearts of Canadians. VIITA Protection, offers women (and men) of all ages a sustainable, and yet sophisticated & stylish alternative to the traditional disposable undergarment. Their colours and styles can fit all types of clothes and all situations (periods, sweat, leaks, you name it)! The founder, Raquel Tulk, had the opportunity to appear on the Quebec TV show “Dans l’Oeil Du Dragon” where she struck a deal with Daniele Henkel, allowing Viita Protection to become available all across Canada and in the USA.


IMAGEMOTION was mandated by VIITA with a simple goal: an A to Z brand transformation. The product was innovative and the technology revolutionary, but VIITA’s brand image was not up to par.

We did a total revitalization across all aspects of their digital presence, content, web platform and social media. More specifically, we produced a visual campaign to roll out the new collection, wrote the advertising guidelines, reviewed the sales platform, produced a promotional video on the Seamless collection, animated their social media platforms and created an informative and educational newsletter. 

The visual direction has changed from commercial to natural in order to modernize Viita and reflect the image of its customers as well as their values. In addition, we produced VSPOT, a series of candid conversations hosted by founder Raquel Tulk on IGTV. Its main goal is to increase the brand’s proximity and relationship with its audience.

Secondly, the restructuring of the online sales platform was aimed at improving the customer experience while improving the buying cycle and showcasing newly produced content. Finally, the integration of influencer marketing and the activation of a video component on the brand’s social platforms affirmed this transformation and launched this wave of renewal.


The brand identity now reflects the company’s innovative values. In fact, it’s through a new website and a new packaging concept that the customer experience was improved, from online purchase to delivery. 

The Viita identity has also been solidified through the use of social platforms in a cutting-edge way and personalized writing for the brand’s target audience.

This transformation had a positive impact on several indicators including the organic growth of nearly 900% on social media, nearly 300% in newsletter subscriptions and more than 500% in e-commerce revenues.

We’re proud to have been a part of the growth process of this innovative brand and look forward to seeing what they have in store for us. Every small step you take towards a greener future counts, even better if you can look fabulous while doing it!