Salvatore Ferragamo Influencer Campaign

It all started with the perfect shoe and then developed into so much more. Salvatore Ferragamo has been a pioneer in shoes and leather goods, but there is no denying that as the brand modernized it crafted ready-to-wear into our DNA. Now, even with extensive lines, including accessories, when SAL-VA-TORE rolls off of someone’s tongue we continue to think luxury.

We were so excited about partnering on a Holiday Influencer Campaign with the objective of gaining brand awareness within the Canadian Market. Canada is a market that features a growing population of affluent residents, as well as a growing number of Chinese residents, students and tourists, that are helping fuel the expansions of luxury brands in the country. With our all-star team, we put together a creative (and covid friendly campaign) that boosted traffic and grew the Canadian fanbase on social.

How did we do it? We collaborated with various Canadian influencers and captured the Canadian energy showcasing individual style and flair that we can find from coast to coast. What results did we obtain?

This campaign was nothing but glamorous! By featuring various influencers, male and female, we were able to reach a wide audience to showcase various styles of accessories on social, and over-performing on KPIS. With the right strategy, everything is possible!