RYU : A new approach to Brand-Agency relationship

Because we don’t do traditional!

If you had asked anyone 10 years ago if they thought social media would grow to become the marketing powerhouse it is today, their answer would have been a categorical “no”. We can’t deny that the digital sphere is currently at the heart of marketing strategies and is evolving at an exponential speed. 

With every new wave of change, we adapt new tools and ground-breaking concepts that have helped brands achieve and even surpass, their goals. But, in this ever changing environment, sometimes what you need in order to perform isn’t just a new social media strategy: it goes beyond the traditional client-agency workflow. That is the puzzle we were able to solve with one of our newest brand partners: RYÚ & Livia.


If you’re looking for a sophisticated culinary experience that perfectly marries western and asian cuisine, then RYÚ is the place for you! From sea-to-table, this modern Yōshoku restaurant specializes in high-end sustainable sushi sourced from nationwide certified fisheries. To “eat RYÚ” is to care about what you eat while enjoying a fine dining experience to the fullest.


Having recently opened in the heart of Montreal, Livia is a specialty coffee shop and matcha bar where you can get an exciting take on Japan’s very best ceremonial grade matcha, as well as delicious coffee from local Montreal roasters. Their young and vibrant decor, and diversified healthy menu makes this restaurant the ideal location for a lunch date with your friends! When you go to Livia, you know you’ll get only the best of the best!

Although the two sister companies seem very different, they share the same purpose of providing their guests with sustainable food. Authenticity and transparency are at the core of their existence as they work relentlessly to offer their clientele the best service in the industry.

With such a strong brand identity and powerful core values, RYÚ & Livia needed to find a partner that would understand and know the company through and through in order to develop a perfectly tailored marketing plan for both brands. Although we’ve always exceeded at creating brand content and digital marketing strategy, it became obvious that the traditional client-agency workflow would not be sufficient in order to help this new partner reach their goals. They were going to need their own fully dedicated specialist.

In comes Victoria Alexander, RYÚ & Livia’s dedicated Brand Marketing Manager! Having previously worked for Omnicom Media Group, she knows the ins-and-outs of the marketing industry. Her role is to build and implement data-driven strategies to help this client grow their brand and surpass their ROI objectives. Instead of working directly at the restaurants’ head office, we’ve decided to bring on Victoria in our office in Montreal in order to get her creative juices flowing and to benefit from the support of our team and data-driven tools. 

She joined the team last October and has been the liaison between RYÚ & Livia, and our team ever since. Her mandate is to bring to life the client’s vision through a consolidated marketing plan, which means she’s working on their content strategy, social media planning and execution, customer and business partner relations, campaign management and so much more (talk about a multitasking queen)! Since her work focuses solely on RYÚ & Livia, she’s able to develop a strong, personalized business relationship and transcend expectations. 

Scroll down to have a look at some of the stunning content created for both brands through this pilot project! We look forward to working on new exciting projects with them for 2020 (stay tuned)! Cheers, or as they would say in Japan, Kampai!