Noemie Monic : Vice-President Brand Partnerships

We are beyond excited to announce the appointment of Noémie Monic as VP Brand Partnerships to oversee the content marketing program specific to retail and e-retail brands. Noémie brings more than 10 years of experience within fashion and beauty market to the agency’s growth team. The agency also launches its Brand Campaign Program which is designed to provide the highest quality of brand campaign content with the most cost-efficient methods for startup e-commerce  to large retailers. With an integrated in-house team of seasoned content marketing leads, Art Directors, Stylists, Photographers and Videographers. IMAGEMOTION’s content unit has been part of several successful campaigns rolled across digital and retail channels in 2019.

I am beyond excited to join the IMAGEMOTION growing team. 

Having spent the last decade working on building partnerships with retail brands in fashion and beauty vertical, I’ve been a witness to a massive shift in industry practices and how brands place content at the fore-front of their marketing efforts with more and more budgets being dedicated to the production of fast-paced social content and influencer initiatives. Our unique agency structure and the newly launched Brand Campaign Program is certainly a perfect solution that many retail brands have been searching for.”  – Noemie Monic / VP Brand Partnerships


This is an exciting time for me and all our talented team and we’re privileged to have Noemie joining us. Having had the pleasure of working closely with her for more than 5 years in my previous venture, It’s an honour to have the opportunity to team up again together,  fuel our agency’s growth and continue building forward-thinking strategic solutions for our brand partners to disrupt the content marketing space. ” – Milad Sahafzadeh / Founder & Chief Brand Officer