Top 5 articles of the week

Keeping on top of the latest news and trends is a must when you are working in such a fast-paced industry. While the online chatter has been pretty busy lately, here are 5 articles that caught our eye and that you must read:

Nanoinfluencer marketing 101: How I got 1000 engaged followers in 30 days

There’s no denying nano influencers are becoming a major force in today’s social media landscape. Thinking of building a community and sharing your passion on Instagram? Here are some tips via SproutSocial.


Instagram’s Favorite 90-Year-Old Influencer on “Dressing Young”

Is there an age to be an influencer? Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle sure proves us that there is no age limit when it comes to being a style icon on Instagram! Read the interview on Man Repeller.


Jony Ive, iPhone designer, announces Apple departure

Jony Ive, chief design officer of Apple, is leaving after two decades in which his iconic designs for Mac, iPhone, and iPod have defined a generation of consumer products. It will be really interesting to see what his new venture FromLove, launching in 2020, will be. More on his departure via The Financial Times.


Pride Month Marketing: Supportive or Opportunistic?

Pride Month has gone mainstream, according to the number of marketing campaigns targetting the LGBTQ+ community that ran in June. But is it bringing awareness to the cause? Or merely driving revenue? 


IMAGEMOTION launches an exclusive partnership with technology company LEADERS 

And if you haven’t read our big announcement yet, click on the link above to find out everything about our new partnership with LEADERS to make influencer marketing more efficient and transparent.