June 27th 2019, Montreal

IMAGEMOTION launches an exclusive partnership with technology company LEADERS .


IMAGEMOTION is proud to announce its exclusive partnership in Canada with technology firm LEADERS, which provides its customers with in-depth insights into demographic & psychographic data of influencers and their audience. IMAGEMOTION will be servicing the North American market, for external clients and the agency’s clients.


Using artificial intelligence, big data analysis, profiling, and smart algorithms, LEADERS platform allows IMAGEMOTION to better search and curate influencers and then provides deep data on each profile, such as location (country and city), language, brands, interests, gender, age, lookalike, bio, followers, engagements and followers growth. In this social media era where buying followers can be done in a few clicks, this important data can help authenticate influencers and determine if they are the right fit for the client’s campaign and if their content will reach the right audience.


When it comes to choosing influencers for their client’s campaign, IMAGEMOTION always puts accurate and precise data on the forefront.


“How should a brand identify the ideal agency to help them execute their influencer marketing campaigns? The right partner, in my opinion, is the agency that has access to the most accurate data in addition to a vast network of relationships. Nowadays, talent agencies, PR firms, marketing firms, and social media agencies all execute influencer campaigns, but only a few of them actually have any sort of solution in place to have transparency in the share of data with their clients,” explains IMAGEMOTION president, Milad Sahafzadeh. “That has been the focus of our influencer program within the fashion, beauty and consumer goods vertical.”


The system also offers a campaign management tool, which connects through an app or through the talent agency interface, the influencers with the clients to allow briefing, content approval, and budget management more easily, as well as provide real-time data while the campaign is on-going.


“Managing the day-to-day activities of an influencer campaign can be challenging for agencies, especially when they have multiple campaigns running simultaneously,” said LEADERS CEO and Founder, Eran Nizri. “We created LEADERS to streamline the process so that our international partners like IMAGEMOTION have all their campaign needs in one place”.  



IMAGEMOTION is a full-service content creation and influencer marketing agency. With its headquarters in Montreal, the agency specializes in content creation, social media marketing, and influencer activations. Over the years, it has collaborated with prestigious brand and groups such as L’Oreal, LVMH, ALDO, Nespresso, UBER, Estee Lauder, Ardene, Rudsak, Cominar Group, CarbonLeo and many more.


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