Top 5 articles of the week

Keeping on top of the latest news and trends is a must when you are working in such a fast-paced industry. While the online chatter has been pretty busy lately, here are 5 articles that caught our eye and that you must read:


Video Isn’t Just for YouTube Anymore: How To Use Video Marketing For Your Brand

Online video consumption is on the rise, and it is predicted to account for 82% of all IP traffic by 2022. Which means adding videos to your marketing strategy is a must if it is not already part of your content. Forbes dived into five genres of video marketing and how you can use them to help your brand.


New Rules for Instagram Hashtags: How to Find the Right Hashtags for Your Business

We know it can be hard to keep up with Instagram and the ever-changing algorithm. What worked a few months ago might not anymore, starting with hashtags. Later compiled a list of all of the new ways that you can use Instagram hashtags to help you grow your brand.


The Youth of the Nations: Global Trends Among Gen Z

Gen Z is at an age where they can influence and make meaningful purchases. But do you know how to efficiently target them with your business? Snapchat dived into how they really think and behave with a two-part full report.


Four Things We Can Learn About Influencer Marketing From Nike And Apple

By next year, influencer marketing is forecasted to be a $10 billion industry. Some established brands, such as Apple and Nike, have really stood out in recent years with their influencer marketing strategy (that Colin Kaepernick campaign sure made some waves!). What can you learn from them? Forbes knows.  


Comment devenir influenceuse (en trichant)

Et bien sûr, nous ne pouvions pas passer à côté du fameux article de La Presse qui a lancé tout un débat quant à l’authenticité des influenceurs et comment il est facile de tricher afin d’élever son compte Instagram à un autre niveau.