Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Innovating

The recent events in Canada related to COVID-19 have forced many businesses to reinvent their business model and innovate in order to reach their customers and survive. As an agency, it’s in our DNA to be solution-driven and to always see the opportunities that arise from uncertainty. That’s why, when we saw how quickly TikTok started to grow, we took a leap forward with it and launched our very own program for the platform!

Source: Vox

Although we were already looking into offering new services for this trending platform, we could see that, since the start of this pandemic, the world’s population has turned to TikTok to entertain themselves while staying at home. It’s a new way for people to connect, get creative and have fun as they momentarily escape our reality. That’s why we activated ourselves to launch our TikTok Program at this moment in time, making us one of the first Canadian agencies to offer this service to our partners! 

Whether you’re looking for organic or paid social tactics, our team of experts will put together a strategy that will help you reach your goals. What’s more, since our country has over 1K TikTok talents with a following over 100K, we decided to include an influencer campaign option to connect brands with relevant and marketable content creators. These are all amazing strategies for brands with top-funnel objectives such as increasing awareness, interest and consideration.

Not quite convinced yet? Well, perhaps these numbers will. The application now has over 1.5 billion users of which 39% are Gen Z and 42% are millennials. It’s the 4th most downloaded free app on iPhones, it has 1 billion active monthly users worldwide and 5.2 million of them are actually in Canada! Meaning your company could reach a vast population of consumers through this platform. Especially now that we have all of their attention! 

Life is full of unexpected events and sometimes things don’t go as planned. The important thing is to not give up and look at it from a different perspective. We’re thrilled to be moving forward into 2020 with this new innovative program and know that we will all come out of this pandemic stronger. We wish you all good health and don’t hesitate to reach out should your business need help transitioning its marketing efforts to social media. #StrongerTogether