What to look forward to in 2021!

The #IMTEAM is growing!

As we continue to navigate this pandemic, the busy holiday season approaches and the year comes to an end we are so excited to announce the addition of 5 new all-star members to the IMAGEMOTION team. This period of uncertainty has allowed many companies to increase their online presence and propel their digital and innovative ideas. With this group of new recruits, IMAGEMOTION continues to grow with a new portfolio of diversified clients.

As consumer behavior continues to change and we adapt to this new “normal”, we are very pleased to be able to strengthen our expertise with these new members. Without further due, here are the latest additions to the #IMTeam!

Ludivine comes from Belgium and has been in Quebec for 1 year now. She came here to start a new life and to experience new adventures. She graduated from the College of Advertising and Design in Brussels with a master’s degree in Motion Design. Her passion for social networks developed during her internships in an agency when she was supposed to do graphic design. Step by step, she managed to get internships with agencies that did Community Management. Her first job was Community Manager for a French clothing brand in Belgium. Then she was hired in an agency where she worked for multiple diverse clients. Her first job in Québec was Community Manager for french cosmetics where she learned a lot. Outside of work, she lives with her boyfriend and her 2 dogs, River and Snow. She also leads a gamer life as well as a streamer on the Twitch platform. She really enjoys going to conventions and meeting other content creators to discuss this common passion. She also says she spends way too much time on her phone, especially TikTok.

Camille’s background is in visual presentation; she has a degree in Illustration & Design that still guides her work to this day. She loves to pay attention to details; sometimes you just have to move something 1/4 inch to the left to make it perfect. Camille is so much into details, when watching a movie she’s actually looking at the actress’s shoes to see if they fit instead of listening to the story. Camille has worked as a fashion stylist for a few years before entering the world of art direction. For her, there’s just something about the ambiance on set; the magic that happens behind the camera that most people don’t know about, but that creates something people will never forget (or at least be inspired by!).

Joanie has always been a creative person. She started her study in Art, but soon realized that photography was her path. She moved to Montreal to follow her passion and spent a few years studying and gaining experience in various areas of photography. She loves the emotion in capturing people and she’s always on the lookout for new trends. This is why fashion is her field of expertise, although she’s thrilled and ready for any new project. On set she always tries to keep the mood and the energy up, it’s not rare you’ll see some dance moves in between looks.

When she’s not on set or retouching, Joanie is probably spending her energy outside or doing some DIY at home.

Communication has long been a passion of Timea’s. It comes as no surprise to those who know her that her career has been set around connecting people, reaching new audiences, and bringing a company’s message to the masses. Her love for the arts started at a very young age and it was at Ryerson University while studying Fashion Communications that she found a way of combining her analytical thinking to her creative side. From that point on, she gained valuable experience in the retail and corporate setting and is now excited to tackle the agency world.

Fun facts about Timea: she will never cease to surprise you with her knowledge of useless Hollywood trivia, she believes breakfast to be the only meal of the day that matters, and that dogs are angels on earth.

Bringing over 20 years of diverse administrative experience and an education in Digital Design, we are excited to announce Stephanie’s addition to the Image Motion executive team!

 Her extremely diverse background brings a multitude of knowledge to Image Motion. Having held previous positions in various industries ranging from Fashion, E-comm, Marketing and Franchising, Construction, she is sure to administer the support and knowledge needed for our organization’s fast growth!

 Stephanie is also the proud mother of a rambunctiously awesome 1 1/2-year-old girl, has an addiction to caffeine (needed to keep up with her daughter!) and loves all things outdoors.