COVID-19: Where Do We Go From Here

The past two months have been a challenge for all on so many different levels. As many businesses closed their stores and adapted to the current events, so did our agency. We revisited the way in which we operate in order to keep our employees safe while continuing to support our partners through this crisis. Now that we have braved the initial tsunami and that our boat is steadily afloat, we are ready to take on the ocean of new challenges ahead! Here’s how we plan to do so:

Work From Home

It seems like an obvious and basic step to take in this situation, but it doesn’t make it any less important. During this entire crisis and moving forward until it’s finally safe for everyone to roam around freely, our Social and Influencer teams will be working remotely from their home. We’ve made sure all of them were properly set-up and had all the tools necessary to implement solutions for our partners. All team meetings are done through Google Hangouts or Zoom and we still connect on Fridays for wine-o-clock to keep our spirits up!

In-House Photoshoots

For the health and safety of our content team will be shooting exclusively in our studio space. That way we can produce the same high-quality content we’re known for in a controlled environment that won’t put our Photographers and Art Directors at risk. Our team has at its disposal masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and surface cleaning products to ensure a germ-free workspace while they continue to practice social distancing (should more than 1 of them require to be present).


Doubling up on the cleaning

While we encourage our team to clean up after they’ve used the space, we know it’s not enough to ensure a fully COVID-19 free studio. That’s why we also have a team of professional cleaners that come in multiple times a week to ensure a sanitary environment for our team. 

Now that our teams are all set to optimize our operations, we are ready to help new businesses reach their social media marketing goals with creativity on brand content. We know stores will gradually be reopening in Canada, but customers have changed their shopping habits and companies still need a solid digital strategy to reach them. Send us a message at now and let us help you regain stability!