Step 1 — Create a video with this sound by September 3rd:

Step 2 — Use the hashtag in your caption:


Step 3 — Earn cash for views:

  • Level 1: 1k views at the time of submission = £15 GBP
  • Level 2: 10k views at the time of submission = £35 GBP
  • Level 3: 50k views at the time of submission = £75 GBP

*Reach all three levels to earn a total of £125 GBP!

BONUS — Earn an extra £70 GBP for creativity:

Make a video of you letting go of something that’s no longer serving you positively, like a toxic relationship, overcoming body confidence issues, getting rid of old clothes, etc. See our Top Submissions below to get inspired!

*Reach all three levels + the BONUS to earn a grand total of £195 GBP!


Sigrid - Burning Bridges Island UK


This campaign is set to expire on September 3rd 11:59PM EST or until such time that the budget has capped, whichever comes first. Participants who submit their published post on time will qualify under the following criteria:

  • Song volume must be turned on and sufficiently clear (as determined by our panel)
  • Video must be at least 15 seconds
  • Participants with multiple entries may only be entitled to a maximum reward of £195 GBP
  • Payment will be processed via PayPal within 30 days of the published post date
  • Deleted posts will not be rewarded