Art Direction

The Tidan Hospitality and Real Estate Group is a dynamic real estate organization, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Since its founding in 1975, Tidan has assembled an extensive and diverse portfolio of self-managed revenue-producing properties in both Canada and the United States. The portfolio includes office, retail, industrial and residential buildings, as well as a group of affiliated hotels and one of North America’s largest indoor tennis facilities. Tidan has proudly applied its combined experience in the hospitality and construction sectors to the redevelopment of the historic Mount Stephen mansion in Montreal’s iconic Golden Square Mile.

Logo + Font

We were aiming to give a more modern and impactful feel to the previous Tidan logo while preserving its prestigious pillar symbol. We achieved a fiercer, stronger look by redesigning the icon itself giving if it a bolder character and choosing a versatile and time-defying font. Several versions were design to look equally strong & clear in any formats and on any background color. 

Logo redesign

Branding elements

The new blue color combination really brings this logo to the 21st century; it’s bold, strong and time-defying.


From the new re-designed website to the guidelines of the brand, every aspect of Tidan’s brand was covered.