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Taberna is a friendly and unpretentious Portuguese tavern meant to discover the classics of Portuguese cuisine.On the menu, we find the classics of Portuguese cuisine: chicken piri-piri, bifanas, cod casserole and pastéis de natas, always to eat in or take out.

The menu has been designed in honour of the traditional “tabernas” of Portugal:  Portuguese “comfort food” in its
simplest form.

Logo + Palette + Font

The rooster is iconic in Portugal and is without a doubt the best representation of portuguese food all around the globe. The mix of contemporary and vintage gives the logo it’s full essence; a modern restaurant that reaches out to it’s portuguese roots to give the customer the complete experience.The color palette is taken from the old tiles found all over Portugal that were used in the building of landmarks; from churches to casual homes, the blue and gold are found throughout the country.


Since the style of food served at Taberna has more of a street-style approach, illustrations were created to add playfullness to the branding. From the traditionnal Sagres beer to Pasteis de Natas, chicken sandwiches, piri-piri chicken and sardines, we covered it all. Also, ornaments based on traditional portuguese style decorations were created to use in various collateral works; waves, diamonds and others represent perfectly the style of homes, churches, rooftops and overall landmarks of the country.


The website is the continuity of the branding; clean, clear with a touch of modern and playfulness. We displayed the information in a precise manner while adding some lightness with the illustrations. White is the dominant color with touches of gold and blue to highlight some information as well as ponctuate some aspects of the website.