TikTok Challenge - Jenny

Campaign Objective Summary:

We recently partnered with Atlantic Records to promote their new artist EBEN and his single “Jenny”. Being a fresh new artist in the scene, EBEN and his team were looking to increase EBEN’s exposure and buzz in lead up to his official EP release date. We successfully invited more than 200 micro users to participate in our TikTok Challenge, leveraging the activation’s wide reach to A/B test different trends/time stamps as we looked to evaluate which creatives and audience demographics had the most impact on organic recreations.

We methodically curated a roster of mid-tier creators at launch to help bring credibility to the track, using their content as creative inspiration as a way to drive sound usages and organic traction through the Challenge.



At launch, “Jenny” only had 14 audio usages on TikTok; there are now more than 200 videos using the official “Jenny” sound clip thanks to the momentum built up by the Challenge and strategic placements with high profile creators on the app. The campaign delivered an overall reach of 22 million, 24.3 million impressions, and 3.9M video views. “Jenny” gained over 67k Spotify plays globally in less than a week, averaging 10k streams per day. Most importantly, we noticed a trend beginning to percolate within TikTok culture, mostly centered around the lyric “it’s not what it looks like” as a way to offer up comedic satire-type content.

With EBENs EP dropping soon and the ongoing success of “Jenny”, this is only the beginning for one of the brightest up and coming artists in the game.


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this happens way too often #WhosYourJenny

♬ Jenny – Eben


It’s better to just leave me in my element #whosyourjenny #makeup #makeupvideo #brother

♬ Jenny – Eben