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The importance of social media responsibility


Responsibilities on Social Media

With a great following on social media comes great responsibility. In today’s increasingly connected world, we have more and more opportunity to harness that connectivity and use it to expand activism and propel positive initiatives that are in line with our image and our brand, and we should. We think it is especially important for companies with large followings on social media platforms to own this responsibility, serve as an example, and work hard to continually show their commitment to their chosen initiatives to their customer.

Patagonia clothing is a great example of harnessing influence on social media responsibly. The high-performance outerwear brand is famous for their ethical and environmentally conscious business model. Patagonia achieves a perfect balance between marketing their clothing and marketing initiatives they care about, most recently driving their original #AnswerWithAction campaign on their social media platforms. Their efforts support educating individuals on environmental action opportunities in their local communities. Lacoste has also done its part to showcase their social efforts on social media with the promotion of their limited edition line of endangered species polos. The line debuted in partnership with the International Union for the Conversation of Nature during their Paris Fashion Week show in February.

Canadian clothing company Roots also makes consistent efforts to take positive initiatives on social media. Most recently, the company took part in the “We Movement” by “Me to We” during the holidays to raise money for Indigenous Youth Empowerment Programming. Their campaign successfully raised $150 thousand dollars in community donations.

Another company that does a lot to promote responsible initiatives online is The Unscented Company, located right in here Montreal. They sell environmentally sustainable home and body care products and frequently partner with other sustainable companies such as Dans le sac to promote zero waste initiatives in the Montreal community. They do a great job of calling their audience to action by promoting different challenges on their Instagram posts.

We at IMAGEMOTION are also making efforts to do our part. As an agency, we connect with clients that take social responsibility as seriously as we do. We are constantly looking to partner with new clients that value giving back to the community as a part of their business model.

Being responsible on social media doesn’t only pertain to companies. Individuals should also be attentive and focus on how they can collaborate on and highlight issues that are important to them. As an influencer, for example, if you already have the reach and the voice, why not use it to spark positive change in your community? Bella Hadid has used her personal experience battling Lyme disease to promote Lyme disease research and awareness alongside her mother, in partnership with the Global Lyme Alliance. A local example of this is Thierry Lindor, Montreal real-estate guru, and founder of Influence MTL.

“The beauty of social entrepreneurship, when done right, is that they resemble movements more than companies.”

He says. Thierry uses his highly engaging social media presence to promote his work with various entrepreneurs, to celebrate the spirit and positive impact of entrepreneurship and startup initiatives, as well as social outreach programs.

“One of my mantras is the importance of living my truth, and doing so entails supporting movements that are organically grown. I believe in using my voice to amplify theirs. In the end, I believe my voice matters and their voices matter as well.”

The more companies and individuals hold themselves socially responsible on social media, the more initiatives are realized, and the more the world improves on a local, national, and international level.