Art Direction
Content Creation
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Otago is a food catering company that sells directly online and delivers to your door! The main approach of Otago is eating healthy organic food; everything is made in-house and comes from the region. Choose your meals for the week and Otago delivers right to you; freeze them or eat them right away, your organise your meals the way you want.

Art Direction

We really wanted to put the emphasis on the food itself without interfering too much using elements that would distract the client. The tones and colors are all based on how we want to food to look; fresh, organic and original. All the photographs were taken with a ‘homestyle’ feel to them to ressemble what a normal table or dinner setting would look like. The colors of the branding all revolve around the green and represent the tagline of the company; Real life food.

Social Media

We decided to be a little more playful on the social media aspect of the branding to create some action on the instagram grid; more colors, handwritten fonts and chalk backgrounds. With these settings, we could create anything we wanted using chalk textures with blackboard backgrounds and place the elements on a dark and easy to read surface. With the newsletters, we played more on the interactive and fun elements in the food; lots of colors, shapes and playfulness. Depending on the season or events, we could adapt every visual to hit in the right place.



Last but not least, to support all those photographs and visuals, we created illustrations to illustrate different real life situations; wether it’s camping, outdoors, dinner with the family, we could cover an everyday situation where clients would love to bring Otago with them instead of having to bring everything needed to cook a complicated meal.