Our partnerships are growing and so is our team !

Not to sound like a broken record, but we can all agree that the worldwide confinement caused by COVID-19 has resulted in businesses making a transition from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce. With that in mind, our team has doubled its effort to support current and new partners in making their full digital shift. The results generated spoke for themselves (see our latest case study here) and more partnerships started pouring in, which could only mean one thing: it was finally time for the IMAGEMOTION family to expand. We are glad to introduce you to our new talented recruits! 

Alanah Wiseman

With a background in Fashion Marketing, Alanah brings the right amount of boldness and panache. Before landing her role at IMAGEMOTION, Alanah worked as a freelancer in business development, content creation, and growing social channels all over the world. This is where she tapped into developing innovative strategies and creating out of the box ideas that constantly elevated branding to make everything stand out. 

As a retired Team Canada Karate athlete, Alanah is a go-getter and faces every challenge head-on. When she’s not wearing her thinking cap, she’s daydreaming about jewelry and building a mini home. She will bring forth her expertise and bold ideas to the team as Senior Social Media Manager.

Jade Rabin

Say hello to our new Social Media Coordinator! Being a real pop culture enthusiast, Jade comes from a creative background thanks to her studies in communications.

With the “media and culture” twist of her bachelor, she had the chance to take part in various creative and artistic projects, from fashion to music with emerging producers in the Montreal electronic scene. After working for various charitable associations, she felt the need to reconnect with her first passion : creating colorful visuals and artistic content for a community that thrives on social media.

Marie-Pier Kerr

And let’s not forget our new Digital & Influencer Marketing Manager: Marie-Pier!

Passionate about creating meaningful and relevant content and experiences, Marie-Pier has accumulated over 10 years experience in strategic project management, rolling out marketing campaigns in various industries, and  developing client relationships. Having studied in Human Relations and Business at Concordia University, she possesses an active approach to problem solving and establishing strong connections.

When she’s not researching on the latest trends and developing the next marketing campaign, you can find her power-flowing in yoga, paddleboarding on a lake, or immersing herself in nature. 

Join us in wishing these talented ladies a warm welcome as they take on new digital challenges with us. Feel like your business could use a little extra help? Don’t hesitate to write to us at